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Big things happen to you and your little one from the 1st Trimester right through to labour.

It’s an incredible time for you both. So why not explore our week-by-week pregnancy calendar and find out how your baby is developing, read about what things you might be experiencing and pick up some useful tips. Plus you’ll discover some fascinating facts about your pregnancy and the changes happening in your body.

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Hi all, I'm 29 weeks pregnant and feel ill, like I'm coming down with something but haven'...
suzy-jayne 17/09/2014
Hi I currently live at home with my parents & two younger brothers (aged 18 & 21). My part...
heatherlouise92 16/09/2014
I've been weaning my son since 6 mths but he's a really fussy eater.   When I...
Stacetheace33 16/09/2014
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