Your baby 0 - 3 months

Now you're a family at last!

Your new baby is finally here, and you’re back at home together, enjoying life as a family. From the moment your baby is born you’ll notice little changes in them as they grow, and there’ll be so much for you to learn too! We’ve got everything you need to master the basics though so you can concentrate on enjoying those previous first smiles! The articles and videos in this section give you guidance on breastfeeding positions, eating for energy and bedtime routines, as well as advice on practical things such as bathing your baby and changing a nappy. Call us anytime with any questions you may have – there are sure to be lots in these early days!

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Feeding problems and allergies

Baby red top

Whilst reflux is very common in babies, up to 20% have symptomatic reflux often involving the regular bringing up of feeds (regurgitation or posseting). Check with your doctor if you're concerned. Most babies grow out of reflux by a year. If you'd...

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Your baby's health

Holding baby

Babies look so tiny, but it’s surprising how quickly they grow! The nutrition they take in is vital to their overall physical and mental growth so it’s important that they are a healthy weight. Although each baby is different and their...

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Your baby's routine

Baby smiling

When it comes to developing a routine for your newborn, they make the rules, eating and sleeping whenever they need to. But by learning to understand your baby and teaching them the difference between night and day, the time to sleep and the time to...

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Baby sleeping

The good news is that by the end of the first year, most babies will sleep 10–12 hours a night. To encourage this to happen it’s a good idea to get your baby into a good sleeping routine from about 6 to 8 weeks of age. There are plenty...

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Emotional wellbeing and relationships

Sleeping baby

Being a new mum is exhausting, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself properly. And one of the most common things that mums go without is sleep. However, trying to get your baby to snooze so you can get some shut eye can be tricky. But...

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Practical info & advice for the first few weeks

Bathing baby

Bathing your new baby can be a joy – you get to spend quality time with them and it’s a special moment that you and your partner can share. Lots of mums feel a bit nervous about the best way to bathe their baby without hurting them, and...

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At 3 weeks old my daughter developed Colic. I used Live Chat thinking I would just be offered solutions that didn't work, but instead received reassurance that I wasn't a bad mother. I felt a weight had been lifted. The service provided was a saviour.
Corinne, new mum

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Your health & nutrition

Mum eating crisp

You’ll probably find that some things you eat and drink will affect the taste and composition of your breastmilk. There are a few foods which will affect the taste more than others though, so read on to find out. If you do have any questions,...

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Mum and Dad with toddler

Your body has been through a lot of changes through pregnancy and birth so be careful about how you try to lose weight. After nine months of carrying a baby, you shouldn’t expect to suddenly regain your pre-pregnancy figure straightaway...

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Mum and baby grin

As a new mum, you need to look after yourself properly. Having a new baby can be very exhausting so it’s important you get plenty of nourishment and a healthy balanced diet to keep your energy levels topped up. If you have any questions about...

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