Your toddler 2 - 3 years

Independence days

Your toddler's really becoming their own independent little person. They'll soon discover the joy of jumping, so watch out for those big puddles! And they may be able to dress and undress themselves - though not necessarily when you want them to! Learning through play is really important at this stage, so if you need inspiration our Playtime Planner has lots of fun ideas to help support their development. And despite how grown-up they seem, your toddler's nutritional needs are still different from yours. For feeding advice, take a look at our tips for meal planning and managing fussy eaters. If you've got any questions about this amazing stage, just get in touch.

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Your toddler's development

Watching your toddler develop is a really rewarding time. Little steps become leaps and bounds, and baby babble turns into a running commentary! As a mum, your role is so...

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Your toddler's behaviour

Your toddler is bound to have tantrums now and again. But with a bit of patience, you can soon calm them down. Here are a few useful tips that can help turn your little monkey...

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I called the Careline as I was worried about Max. I appreciated having someone to talk to and being able to voice my concerns to a trusted source.
Jennifer, mum to Max

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Toddler health

Dr Hilary Jones gives us his thoughts on the lack of vitamin D in young children. With years spent as a GP, five children of his own, and a fantastic...

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