Pregnancy 27-40 weeks

It’s nearly time to meet your baby!

During your third trimester, your bump will probably go through a real growth spurt, as you start the countdown to that amazing moment when you get to hold your baby for the first time! There’s plenty to do, from getting ready for labour to thinking about baby names, so to help you feel ready for the birth, check out our articles on birth plans, preparing for labour and what feeding choices you’ll have as a new mum.  Once you’re all set, it’s just a case of putting your feet up and waiting for the big day!

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mum and baby
mum and baby

Your baby's development

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Video: 3rd Trimester:
your baby's development

Your baby is gaining weight and brain power! Learn what else is going on to prepare them for life in the outside world!

3rd Trimester:
your baby's development

Your baby is gaining weight and brain power! Learn what else is going on to prepare them for life in the outside world!

Your baby's development
week by week

calendarClick on any week in our pregnancy calendar to find out how your baby is changing, read about what things you might be experiencing and pick up some tips, plus discover some fascinating facts about your pregnancy.

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Nutrition and health

mum exercising

For the majority of mums-to-be, doing some kind of moderate exercise during pregnancy is beneficial. Whether you enjoy a leisurely swim or a walk in the park, as long as your midwife agrees, thirty minutes of light exercise a day will do both you...

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I contacted the Careline via Live Chat after suffering with a headache for 3 days. The lady was pleasant and suggested I contact my midwife. The headaches were due to my blood pressure. I would not have contacted my midwife if it had not been for Cow & Gate.
Kerrie, 3rd trimester

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Common health concerns

Mum holding tummy

As your baby develops and your bump gets bigger, your body changes to adapt to this. This extra strain can commonly lead to pregnancy pains such as backache and abdominal discomfort. If you are concerned, get checked out by your midwife or doctor to...

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Practical info and advice

mum with mobile

Once you’ve given birth and are home you will need to be able to relax and concentrate on caring for and bonding with your baby. So it’s important that you have your home ready for those first few days. These tips should help you decide...

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Emotional wellbeing and relationships

mum and dad writing

With all of those extra hormones at the moment, it’s quite common to experience some mood swings during pregnancy. Your body is working hard to look after a developing baby and you’ve got so much to think about, you might just find...

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