Your baby 7 - 9 months

Your amazing growing baby!

You’re entering a new and exciting stage of development now as your baby starts sitting on their own and getting more mobile, and their curiosity will begin to shine through as they start to move around by themselves and explore the world. By now they’re probably ready for the next stage of weaning and can move onto a follow-on milk that’s specially tailored to complement their weaning diet. Tempt them with new foods, tastes and textures to help them develop their chewing skills. If you want to find out more about your baby’s unique nutritional needs at this stage, just give us a call.

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Your baby's development

Learn about the most important nutrients for your baby's bones and what else affects their development.

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Just like adults, different babies have different pain thresholds. So when it comes to teething, some babies suffer a bit more than others. Thankfully as you’ll see, there are some things you can do to help relieve your baby’s discomfort...

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Feeding problems and allergies

Highchair laughing

Introducing solids is an important time for your baby; you’ll not only learn which foods they do and don’t like, but if you have some family history of allergy you need to keep an eye out for any foods they might be allergic or...

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Baby in arms by shoulder

If your baby is nearly ready for that exciting first spoonful, it’s worth knowing what to look out for in terms of common food allergies and intolerances − just in case. In fact, babies who are allergic to cows’ milk, often show...

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Baby eating

In this article we explain just what constipation actually is, its causes and what you can do to relieve it. If you do have any questions or need further advice please contact our team.

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