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4 - 6 months: feeding your baby

Learn how to spot the signs, introduce those first mouthfuls and which tastes your baby will love (hopefully!).

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Once your baby reaches 4 – 6 months, you’ll be starting to think about preparing for weaning (The Department of Health recommend starting weaning at around 6 months).
Milk will make up the majority of your baby's diet for some time yet, but as they become more active solid foods will become an increasingly important part of their healthy, balanced diet.

To understand if your baby is ready for solid foods, check out our tips for signs that they’re ready for weaning

When you do start to wean, smooth purées, roughly the consistency of double cream, in gentle flavours are perfect for introducing your baby to solid food. Baby rice is an ideal first weaning food because you can make it with their usual milk for a familiar taste. This makes the transition easier and your baby will be more accepting of the unfamiliar feeling. To begin with, only try your baby with a teaspoonful or two a day to ease them in gently. Then build this up gradually with more feeds a day. A good tip is to try giving your baby carrots - they have a natural sweetness which babies love, helping them learn to enjoy vegetables right from the start.

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