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Some days, being a mum is the easiest thing in the world. The daily routine works like clockwork, you have a happy, cooperative toddler who spends the whole day giving you cuddles, playing happily, giggling, sitting on the potty and eating everything you put on his plate, before heading off for a long, peaceful night's sleep. Piece of cake! Other days are more of a challenge though, and you realise that whoever came up with the expression "terrible twos" knew exactly what they were talking about. Tiredness, temper tantrums and mood swings are on the agenda...and that's just how you feel, let alone your toddler!

Toddler feeding

As a busy working mum-of-three, as soon as I get home from work, I'm often multitasking, simultaneously juggling helping with homework, catching up on cuddles and sorting out the kids' tea. Although I try my hardest to get a healthy balanced meal inside their little tummies, some days are a battle and all my lovingly-prepared, nutritious masterpieces end up pushed to the side of the plate. If you've ever tried to coax a toddler to eat something he has decided he is just not going to eat, you'll know that in the end, you'll probably end up admitting defeat. I know it's just a phase that many toddlers go through, and I've been there with the girls so I'm not overly stressed about it, but it's still a worry seeing how little Pierre eats some days. Those are the times that I really appreciate the fact that he still loves Cow & Gate's Growing Up Milk. I can always convince him to drink a beaker of that, however awkward he's being, and know that, because it's fortified and designed specifically with toddlers' nutritional needs in mind, at least he's getting a lot of his vitamin D and iron, as well as plenty of other vitamins and minerals. Grabbing ten minutes "us-time" with him on my lap while he happily drinks his milk is also guaranteed to calm him down, soothe any frayed tempers and help us reconnect with each other in a much more positive way.

We first started using Cow & Gate's Growing Up Milk when we were on holiday in Turkey last year. Pierre was barely two years old and we weren't sure how he would get on with the local food, as well as being concerned about the drinking water and local milk possibly causing upset tummies. To be on the safe side, we took some bottles of ready-made milk with us and realised how much he loved it. For the first few days, with the heat and the unusual food, he wasn't eating a great deal so it gave us great peace of mind. While he's going through his fussy eating phase back home, we feel reassured knowing that he's getting the extra nutrients in his milk. As any parent knows, there are more than enough things to worry about as a parent so anything that can help reduce the stress has to be a good thing!

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