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All fall down

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20 mins
Empty toilet roll tubes, a soft ball, paints, glue, glitter and magazines

Now they’re getting older, your creative little toddler will love being let loose with paints and glue! Firstly, collect empty toilet roll holders ready to decorate and turn into skittles. Cut out shapes and pictures from magazines, set out the paints, glitter and glue and start decorating!

Once your skittles are dry, line them up, and have fun trying to knock them down! This is a great game for teaching your little one that their actions have consequences, and if they’re a bit older, add some extra learning by asking your toddler to aim for particular skittles – can they knock down the red skittle? How about the skittle with the triangle on, or the picture of the cat?

Give plenty of praise when it goes well, and lots of encouragement too if it doesn’t! Talk to them all the time about what they’re doing, describing the skittles they’ve knocked down, to help improve their understanding of shapes and colours.
If your toddler knocks them all down, shout ‘all fall down!’

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