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Now you’re a dab-hand at being a dad, you’ll know what to expect and be able to enjoy your second pregnancy even more this time around!

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During pregnancy

Before, if your partner was feeling tired or achey, they had plenty of time to take a nap or put their feet up. But once you have a baby, time becomes a luxury –- as we’re sure you know! Helping with the housework, shopping for groceries or taking your child out to the park can give your partner an essential hour or two of rest. And spoiling them by cooking up a healthy evening meal or running them a hot bath and putting the kids to bed will be hugely appreciated! Don’t forget, a little special time together will also help to keep your relationship strong. So getting a babysitter in for a few free hours is also a good idea.

During labour

Let’s be honest, when it comes to labour, you’ve seen it all before! But that’s what makes you even more important and useful this time.

Lots of dads say they can’t always keep up with what’s going on the first time around, and feel like a spare part. But now you know what to expect, your experience can give you more confidence to get stuck in and help. No doubt your partner will be grateful to have a veteran providing support! If you and your partner are feeling confident enough, perhaps you might want to explore some different birthing options this time around?

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After the birth

One of the plus points about being a dad for a second time is that you’ll probably feel a lot more confident about helping out. If you have a child who is demanding a lot of mum’s attention, it’ll be up to you to look after your newborn. Lots of dads are delighted to play such an important part right from the birth, when perhaps first time around they didn’t feel as confident, so left most of it to mum.

When it comes to practical help around the house, little things like making sure the cupboards are always stocked with something quick and easy to prepare, and clearing up as you go will make life easier.

Who’s looking after dad?

Of course, being more involved can be more tiring, so make sure you remember to look after yourself as well as the rest of the family! A healthy diet can make a huge difference to your energy levels and mood.

We know that having another baby can bring a lot of emotional surprises. Often, it’s up to dad to try and keep things together when mum is too busy. If you’d like to talk anything through, we have a whole team of experts and friendly, experienced mums who will happily give advice, answer any questions or simply lend an ear.

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