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Book Worms

  • move
  • learn
  • grow
  • Characteristic - Move
  • Characteristics - Learn
  • Characteristics - Grow
20 mins
A good children's book

Your toddler’s a little way off learning to read yet, but they probably still love a good book! Hearing stories and seeing pictures will fire up their imagination and teach them new words.

It’s always a good idea to carry a book with you to keep them entertained, but if they’re at home, why not let them choose which one they’d like you to read? Find a cosy spot and let them turn the pages. Ask them to point something out from each page and name it, if they can.

If you’re without a book, you can always make up a story of your own! Your toddler is sure to be impressed, and simply hearing you speak will help to improve their vocabulary.

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