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Bubble pop!

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10 mins

Everyone loves bubbles, especially babies and toddlers. This simple, fun activity will keep them busy and happy, wherever you are.

All you need to do is blow some bubbles into the air and show your little one how to pop them as they float down. They may like to hold out their hands first and let the bubbles float onto them. You can then show them how to clap their hands together and pop them in the air. After the first time, they won’t need much encouragement to do it again!

This activity is fun to do with friends or just with mummy. Activities like this may help with hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness, as well as walking – they’ll often toddle towards the bubbles without even thinking about it. You can also use a fun bubble session to teach them words like ‘pop’, ‘gone’, ‘big’, ‘small’ and of course, ‘bubbles’!

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