Our top 5 tips for choosing a baby name

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It’s one of the most exciting parts of your baby arriving, but also one of the toughest decisions to make. Choosing baby names can be daunting, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself – chances are, you’ll see the right name in your little one’s face when they arrive! 

Our top 5 tips can help when the time comes to sign that all-important birth certificate.


1. Finding a name

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Perhaps you want to name your baby after a relative or good friend, or it might be a name from your favourite book. Keep a list of your faves somewhere so that you don’t forget them and ask your partner to contribute too so that you’ve got lots of options.

You could also take a look at some baby naming books or websites too. Often you’ll be able to see what the name means as well, so you can choose one with a beautiful meaning as well as a sound you love!

Do you know what the most popular names from 2018 mean? 

♦ Amelia – work
♦ Olivia – olive
♦ Isla – from the island of Islay in the Hebrides
♦ Oliver – olive tree
♦ Harry - home ruler
♦ Jack – God is gracious

Here are a few names from older generations that are making a comeback:

Girls Boys
♦ Iris ♦ Arthur
♦ Elsie ♦ Reggie
♦ Maisie ♦ Alfie

2. Testing it out

Once you’ve got some ideas, there are some ways to test whether the name works for your little one (even before you’ve met them!), this will help you whittle down the list.

• Do you BOTH love it?
• Does it work well with your surname?
• What would your little one’s full initials be?
• Can you shorten the name and do you like it shortened?
• Does the name go well with your other children’s names?
• Can everyone in your family pronounce it? (Especially if you have relations in foreign countries)

3. Things to think about

Your baby’s name is your decision, but try to think about how it might affect them later in life. How will other children react to it at school? Can you imagine using the name when they become an adult?

As obvious as it may seem, try to avoid pun names – however funny they are. Robyn Banks or Polly Esther (yes, really!) 

Check how popular your chosen names are. Will there be five other Alfies at preschool and would this bother you? If so, you might want to choose something less popular.

4. Go with your gut

After you’ve taken everything into consideration, the most important thing you need to do is trust in your decision. You will never please everyone, and the only people that matter are you, your partner and little one. And from the first time you say it out loud, it will just seem right.

5. Whatever you pick will be perfect

It might feel like the toughest decision in the world right now but many parents look back and say they worried unnecessarily about what to call their baby. Whatever you choose will be perfect, and in no time at all, you won’t be able to imagine them with any other name.
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