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Colour Trail

  • move
  • learn
  • grow
  • Characteristic - Move
  • Characteristics - Learn
  • Characteristics - Grow
5 mins
Doesn't matter
A willing toddler!

Learning to recognise colours can take time – think of how many different shades there are in the world! A great, fun way to practise is by playing the Colour Trail game.

Point to a colour on your toddler’s toys or clothes. Start by asking them what the colour is, and then ask them to point out other items that are the same. See how well they know their colours by calling their bluff – pick something that’s a different colour and let them correct you! It’s the sort of game where, even if they get it wrong, they’re still learning.

Following a colour trail can take them anywhere around the house, even outside. Not only will the game help them to identify colours, it will also let them practise their vocabulary.

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