Cystitis in pregnancy

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Cystitis is an infection of the bladder that causes a burning sensation when peeing. Urine is normally naturally sterile, but during pregnancy your urinary tract becomes relaxed and dilated, so the chances of bacteria getting up there increases. This puts you at higher risk of UTIs, including cystitis, during pregnancy.


Symptoms of cystitis

  • Pain, burning or stinging whilst weeing.
  • A frequent and urgent need to wee but only passing small amounts

Preventing UTIs in pregnancy

Try following these simple steps to help you prevent a urine infection during pregnancy:

  • Wee as soon as you can after sex
  • After going to the loo, wipe from front to back
  • Don’t wait to go to the loo if you can help it, and try and empty your bladder as much as possible when you do go
  • Keep your bits clean! But avoid long or frequent baths and avoid using perfumed or antiseptic products
  • Wear cotton undies and avoid tights or close-fitting jeans and trousers
  • Drink plenty of water

Treating cystitis and other UTIs during pregnancy

If you think you may have a bladder infection, ask your midwife or GP for advice. They will be able to recommend a pregnancy-safe treatment. Once diagnosed, the most effective way to treat a UTI during pregnancy is with a short course of antibiotics. While you’re suffering, drink plenty of water. Drinking cranberry juice is also said to help relieve the symptoms of cystitis.

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