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Danielle turned to us for reassurance

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Danielle was enjoying her second pregnancy. Her bump was growing well and she was looking forward to the coming months with excitement and happiness. However, a routine check changed everything. Whilst her midwife seemed unconcerned, Danielle remembered her difficult first pregnancy and began to worry. She felt she couldn’t talk to her midwife with her concerns and wondered whom she could turn to.

What was happening to her bump?

Like most mums-to-be, Danielle was regularly visited by her community midwife with whom she had a good relationship. Together, they would discuss the pregnancy, birth plans and make sure that all was well with her bump. It was during one such visit that Danielle’s midwife noticed that her bump was larger than expected. “My unborn baby was measuring ‘large for dates’,” says Danielle. “It had followed the same growth curve, but was measuring approximately a month ahead.”

Her midwife didn’t think there was a problem. But she did!
Her midwife didn’t seem worried by the size issue, but having had a difficult first pregnancy Danielle became concerned. And because of the midwife’s reaction she felt she couldn’t talk about her concerns. This left her wondering whom she could turn to.

Then she remembered the C&G baby club Careline
“I was becoming very anxious about the situation,” recalls Danielle. "I contacted the Careline for some advice, they were so supporting, providing me with great advice, which really calmed me down and most importantly didn’t make me feel like I was wasting her time.” The Careline helped Danielle understand that the best solution was to speak with her midwife and raise her concerns.

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Her concerns disappeared in an instant
Much to Danielle’s relief, her midwife was more than happy to answer her questions. They talked through her concerns and decided to go for further tests. It made all the difference to her pregnancy. “I was referred for a growth scan, which showed that I was carrying a very happy and healthy baby, who was expected to be a little bigger than average, but was developing very well,” she says. In that instant all Danielle’s concerns disappeared, she was so relieved to know that her bump was healthy. It meant the world to her.

Hello to a healthy bundle of joy!
Danielle was finally able to enjoy her pregnancy and she now has a beautiful baby girl called Rosie-Faith. Looking back Danielle says “Without the C&G baby club Careline, I would not have had confidence to approach my midwife with my concerns”.

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Just like Danielle, you should never feel that a question is too small or silly to ask. That concern can grow and grow, leaving you feeling even more anxious – which isn’t good for you or your bump. Just talking something through can make you feel much better. So if you have any concerns, speak to your midwife or if you’d rather to speak us call 0800 977 88800800 977 8880.

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