Bryony, baby care advisor and mum

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Over the past 8 years as an advisor I’ve found that every mum and baby is different. It’s best to offer a range of options and alternatives for a mum or mum-to-be. Staying flexible and trying different approaches to problems really is the key to being a good mum – and to being a good Cow & Gate advisor!

Bryony, baby care advisor and mum

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My top tips

  • When you’re a mum-to-be, rest when you can, eat healthily and take your pregnancy vitamins.
  • Mixing half-puree with half-lumpy food can help if your baby’s struggling with lumpy food.
  • To help a baby with colic, lay them on your lap on a warm, covered hot-water bottle and stroke their back.

About me

During my pregnancy I really enjoyed feeling my baby kicking, although I did have a bit of a tendency to worry about everything else! My partner was the complete opposite. He was totally laid back, even during the birth. That really helped me to stay calm.

One of my children likes constant attention or he tends to get into mischief so getting into a routine is hard. But when we go out for a walk he’s always really good. As a baby he especially loved looking at telegraph poles and would smile whenever he saw one!