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Sneaky tips to get more vegetables into your baby's diet

When your baby first started weaning, they may have loved a whole range of pureed veggies. But as they get to grips with more flavours and textures, it doesn't take long for them to realise that there are more exciting things to eat in the world than plain old carrots and broccoli!

It can take a little creative thinking to convince your baby to eat their greens, especially if they're going through a fussy phase. In fact, we recently found out that 8 out of 10 mums are worried that their baby is not getting enough vegetables in their diet. So we thought we'd put together a few tried-and-tested tips for mums who've been there!

*188 out of 241 mums - Mumsview June 2010

  • Add a little chopped onion or cumcumber to your baby's egg or tuna sandwhich fllings
  • Stews, risottos, rataouliie, and mild curries are a great way to disguise lots of veg in one bowl!
  • Add grated carrot and chopped celery to spaghetti Bolognese
  • Add extra peas to their fish pie
  • Try covering veggies like cauliflower or broccoli in a tasty cheese sauce made especially for babies
  • Serve soft, steamed veggie sticks with a delicious dip like hummus for extra flavour
  • Cut vegetables into exciting shapes, like cucumber stars - foods that they can play with are lots of fun!
  • Combine new veg with their favourite fruit to help introduce more savoury tastes e.g carrot and apple Purée
  • Similarly, a great way to introduce stronger-tasting greens is to mix them with a root veg e.g spinich and sweet potato mash
  • Don't be put off introducing vegetables that you dislike - but try not to show your negative feelings, as this may discourage your baby from trying them out for themselves

Don't worry if your baby is having an off day, or even an off week. It's no doubt more to do with a phase they're going through than your cooking. Try a few times, but if they still don't want your lovingly-prepared, home-cooked meat, simply freeze it and try again on another day. Keeping mealtimes fun and stress-free will make easting their greens less of an issue in future, and in the meantime, try to add a few veggies to their diet in other ways.

For those days when they're being particularly fussy, why not keep some of Cow & Gate's new little steamed meals in the cupboard? There are 8 delicious dishes to enjoy and each one comes with up to 8 different vegetables. We've also made sure they contain no baddies like added salt, sugar or preservatives, to help make your baby's mealtimes healthier.

*Only the salt in cheese 
†Contains naturally occuring sugars

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