Headaches in pregnancy

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During pregnancy, especially the early stages, hormonal changes can bring on all sorts of symptoms, including headaches. Although not usually anything to worry about and not harmful for your baby, they can be uncomfortable and even stop you from doing normal activities.


How to cope with headaches in pregnancy

Different women find different ways of managing headaches during pregnancy.
Extra rest may help, and making relaxing activities part of your routine is always a good idea – even if it doesn’t help the heachaches!

Staying hydrated is also important to be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your day.

If your headache persists, you can take the recommended dose of paracetamol, but as with any medication, it’s worth checking with your midwife first. Stronger painkillers are not recommended.

Some other ideas for relieving a headache include:
  • Getting some fresh air – a short walk can sometimes shift a headache or at least take your mind off it for a while
  • Lying down with a cool flannel on your forehead
  • Giving yourself a gentle scalp massage – or asking your partner to do it for you

When to talk to your midwife

Headaches in pregnancy are usually nothing to worry about but if they’re severe or frequent, they could be a sign of high blood pressure so it’s a good idea to mention them.

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