Why write a birth plan?

Birth plans are well worth writing. It lets midwives, doctors and birth partners know how you want to be treated during labour. This can include your preferred pain relief and position during childbirth. Thinking about all this beforehand is really important because it not only prepares you but also helps you focus on the way you want to give birth! But remember, as labour can change from second to second, you’re free to change your mind at any time, even during the birth so it’s worth keeping your plans flexible. Mind you, they might not be able to provide an available birthing pool should you suddenly demand one!

mum and dad birth plan

Creating a birth plan

Before starting to write your birth plan, get as much information as you can. Go to antenatal classes and speak with your midwife. It’s also worth talking to other mums – find out what they put in their plans and how everything worked out. Your birth partner is also important; make sure they are comfortable with what you would like them to do and the amount of responsibility they will have on the day.

Download your birth plan template

Some mums-to-be can find it a bit daunting putting together a birth plan but it doesn’t have to be complicated. To start, have a look at some examples of birth plans to get a better idea of what a birth plan is and what it involves. For example, our downloadable birth plan. It’s just a guide, so don’t worry if some of the suggestions aren’t relevant to you.

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