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Your baby has all the answers!

Don’t try to stick to a breastfeeding schedule in the early stages, just feed your baby on demand. They’ll let you know how much they need! A pattern will gradually emerge if you watch your baby and not the clock and before you know it they’ll have a routine going!

Frequent feeding

Newborn babies need frequent feeds every two to three hours in the early days. This is because breastmilk is very easily digested and their stomachs are quite small.

It’s important to keep up the night feeds, especially in the early weeks, as they are essential for your baby’s nutritional requirements and for maintaining your milk supply.

Many mums worry about whether they’re baby is getting enough milk. If they’re full of energy and alert don’t worry, but if you’re concerned you might find some helpful suggestions in our practical info and advice section.

Your baby’s growing needs

As your baby grows they’ll probably feed for longer but less often - unless they’re going through a growth spurt. The more you feed, the more milk you’ll produce, so don’t panic if they seem to be guzzling all the time; your body will adapt to cope with their demands.

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