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Signs that your baby is well fed

Generally, if your baby is feeding well, they will let go of your breast once they’re full. However, they may pause for a while during breastfeeding so give them time to decide whether they’ve had enough.

Here are some signs that your baby is well fed:

  • They appear content after most feeds.
  • They gain weight after the first two weeks.
  • Your breasts and nipples don’t feel too sore.
  • Your breasts are emptied and softer after feeding.
  • Your baby is a healthy colour with firm skin that bounces back when pinched.
  • After the first few days they should have around six wet nappies a day.

Signs that your baby may need more milk

If your baby isn’t getting enough milk you may notice:

  • Your baby is tired and unsettled all the time and fusses after feeding. They do not seem happy and contented.
  • They make clicking sounds when feeding. This could mean they are not latched on properly, so take a look at our tips on breastfeeding.
  • Their skin colour becomes more yellow.
  • After three weeks they do not have a rounded face.
  • Your baby’s skin is still wrinkled after the first week.
If you are worried about whether your baby is getting enough milk, try feeding them more regularly. It’s also worth holding them close to you; if they want a drink they’ll move towards your breasts.

Still hungry after a feed?

Sometimes mums find that their baby is still hungry even with more regular feeds.  If this happens you should speak to your midwife. 

If your baby is around 6 months, it might be that they’re ready to start weaning. You can read more about what signs to look out for in our weaning section.

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