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Janine’s morning sickness was getting her down

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Becoming pregnant wasn’t an easy journey for Janine. So she was over the moon to be pregnant and intended to cherish every single moment. But then the morning sickness kicked in. Other mums-to-be seemed to take it in their stride, but it left Janine flat out on the bathroom floor.

What should have been a time of joy became miserable

“Sitting on the bathroom floor having been sick for the third time that day I had reached my breaking point,” Janine recalls. “I sat there and sobbed.” Morning sickness is a common part of pregnancy. For most, the symptoms fade by the first trimester, but Janine was experiencing intense nausea and vomiting every time she ate. “I’d been throwing up three or four times a day and 11 weeks in I was totally exhausted” she explains. “All I could think was that I was a terrible mum. We wanted a baby for so long and now I was pregnant, I wasn’t enjoying it.”

A chat with the C&G baby club Careline made all the difference
“Morning sickness should be named projectile-vomiting-whenever-you-eat-anything!” says Janine. “Most people greet it with light amusement because it’s such a magical thing to be pregnant and you should be enjoying all the wonderful side effects, shouldn’t you?” It left Janine feeling unable to cope, but she decided enough was enough.

“I picked myself off the floor, cleaned up and I called the C&G baby club Careline,” she explains. “I was worried I’d be told to pull myself together. I was so surprised with the warm response, even though I’m pretty sure they couldn’t understand half of what I was saying through the tears! We talked about food, stress and how to handle the whole situation.”

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Janine was reassured
“I was so conscious of eating healthily but worried that I was not keeping enough food down,” recalls Janine. “I was reassured that eating a variety of food and seeing what stays down would be absolutely fine and if a glass of cola* stayed down and gave me back some energy, then that’s okay, I should not beat myself up.”

It’s not always easy, but that’s okay
With the words of the C&G baby club Careline fresh in her mind, Janine decided to broaden what she ate – including her firm favourites, ginger biscuits! Just talking the problem through helped her realise that not all mums-to-be have the same pregnancy experience but it doesn’t mean that they love their pregnancy any less.

*Cola contains caffeine so C&G baby club recommend a maximum of 1 can a day while pregnant.

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Not everyone has an easy time during pregnancy! Remember that your body’s going through some huge changes. And when you’ve not slept in days or you’re suffering from morning sickness, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been handed a rough deal – however much you’re looking forward to your new baby. The thing to remember is that talking really does help, so if you have any questions, just get in touch with us on0800 977 8880 0800 977 8880.

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