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When Kara hit a low, we were there to help

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After suffering a miscarriage and then an ectopic pregnancy in 2009, Kara was devastated. The emergency surgery had left her with only one fallopian tube and she was convinced there was no chance of becoming pregnant again. But in 2010, and against the odds, Kara discovered she was expecting once more.

Being pregnant sparked mixed emotions

“I was ecstatic, but felt scared and anxious at the same time,” recalls Kara. “I was a mess and started taking it out on my partner.” Kara was so worried that she didn’t dare do anything for fear of losing her baby. She tried talking to her family about it but they all thought she was becoming depressed. In fact Kara was happy but also very scared.

Friendly, expert advice

That’s when Kara decided to turn to the C&G baby club Careline. “I had to speak to someone who didn’t know me, which is when I decided to call the Careline. I didn’t want to hear the usual ‘everything will be fine’ remarks,” says Kara. “When I called the lady was lovely, she introduced herself and asked how she could help me… she helped me calm down.”

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It wasn’t long until Kara contacted the C&G baby club Careline again
With her first scan just around the corner, she was understandably anxious – a year or so earlier, a scan had revealed the ectopic pregnancy. ”Just talking to the Careline really helped to settle my nerves,” says Kara. Best of all, the scan was fine! Kara came home and called the same lady she had spoken with to tell her the good news. “She was thrilled for me and told me if I ever needed to speak with her or a team member that they were always there.”

Some weeks later and with the second scan approaching, Kara’s nerves returned once more as she knew this was the one that could reveal any abnormalities but thankfully a call to the Careline settled her nerves once more.

A beautiful baby girl named Keira Mae

Keira Mae was born healthy and weighing 8lb 13oz – at last Kara and her partner were proud parents. Kara still remembers how patient and supportive the Careline was and the useful conversations she had with them.

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Pre-scan nerves are only natural for some mums-to-be, after all you’ll see your baby for the first time! But there’s no need to feel concerned. Scans help to confirm that everything is developing healthily. Plus you’ll get to see your baby moving about too! Every mum-to-be will have a scan at 20 weeks, but some hospitals offer one at 12 weeks too. If you have any questions about your scan, speak to your midwife or contact our team on 0800 977 8880 0800 977 8880.

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