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Kirsty was right to trust her instincts

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Kirsty knew that something wasn’t right. At the end of her second trimester, she’d been diagnosed with high blood pressure – a common condition at that stage of pregnancy. Despite being told not to worry, and with all the care of her midwife, Kirsty became more and more anxious.

Common problems can become a big worry
“When I was about 6 months pregnant, my midwife had mentioned that I had high blood pressure,” explains Kirsty. “I was feeling really low.” Having heard that the condition can sometimes lead to more serious problems, Kirsty became worried. “I was concerned about pre-eclampsia,” she recalls. “I’d heard about it and it all sounded very scary.”

A reassuring voice gave her confidence
“I phoned the C&G baby club Careline and a lovely lady spoke to me,” says Kirsty. “She was very reassuring. She said if I have any other worries then I can always phone back, but she told me to always follow my instincts, mums always know best!”

Kirsty still felt things were not right
The pregnancy continued normally. But a month or so later Kirsty started to feel worse than ever; the anxiety returned and she didn’t know where to turn. “The day after Boxing Day I wasn’t feeling too good”, says Kirsty. “I remembered what the lady had said – to always follow my instincts. So I went to the hospital to have my blood pressure checked.”

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Trusting her instincts was the right thing to do
The hospital staff performed some routine checks, including a test to determine blood pressure. It was very high. And more precise tests revealed Kirsty’s worst fear. “I had pre-eclampsia,” she recalls. “Two days later I had an emergency caesarean, giving birth 9 weeks early – my baby hadn’t grown for 4 weeks.”

The emergency surgery couldn’t have gone any better. And Kirsty was so happy the first time she held her new baby – a little boy named Dylan, weighing just 2lbs 13oz. Since then, both Dylan and mum have been healthy, happy and are enjoying their first few months together.

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Mild pre-eclampsia can affect up to 10% of first-time pregnancies. More severe pre-eclampsia can affect 1-2% of pregnancies. Although most cases are mild, symptoms can sometimes become more serious. The cause of the condition is not fully understood, but it’s thought that a defect in the placenta reduces the flow of blood and nutrients to your baby, affecting you both. But don’t worry, pre-eclampsia is something your midwife will be checking for throughout your pregnancy. So just remember to keep up with your antenatal appointments, and if you have any questions speak to your midwife or get in touch with our team on0800 977 8880 0800 977 8880.

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