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Musical pots and pans

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20 mins
A variety of pots and pans, plastic containers and a wooden spoon

Babies and toddlers love to make noise and this is an easy, fun way to encourage their inner musician!

Simply gather together a selection of pots, pans, plastic containers and anything else they can bash and bang. Give them a little demo of your own, showing them how to ‘play’ the pot with your hands or a wooden spoon ‘drumstick’. Once they start copying you, encourage them to experiment with tapping the bottom of the upturned drums or wiggling the spoon around inside them and bashing the sides.

Let them discover the different sounds made by using different spoons and utensils. Once they’ve got the basic idea, you can sing their favourite nursery rhymes and show them how to bang along.

This is a great activity for hand-eye coordination as well as helping your baby explore sound and rhythm. And it’s fun to do with mummy, daddy and anyone else who wants to join in!

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