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Balancing the relationships in your family

During the first few months, looking after your baby can feel more demanding than a full-time job! With all the feeds and nappy changes (not to mention endless cuddles!), your time and attention will naturally be focused on your newborn. It’s easy for your relationship with your partner to slide, but there are lots of ways keep it alive.

my partner feels like he is not number 1

How to keep the spark with your partner

Here are a few tips to help keep the relationship between you and your partner alive and well:

  • Talk! – Telling each other how you feel can help ease any growing tension between you. And try to talk about something other than the baby occasionally, so it doesn’t become the only connection between you.
  • Get him involved – it will stop him feeling left out and take the pressure off you too. After spending 9 months sharing in your excitement, your partner can now become involved in caring for your baby. Why not share feeds?
  • Make time for each other and do something together – whether it’s sitting down to a nice meal, chatting about your day or just having a cuddle on the sofa.

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