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The benefits of a healthy diet

Many new dads can suffer from a lack of energy. So it’s more important than ever you keep yourself fit, so that you keep on top of your new baby's needs and support your partner by sharing the workload and care routine. A healthy diet can give you the energy you need and improve your mood, concentration and memory.

What should new dads be eating?

To make sure you’re getting the right mix of nutrients, choose healthy foods from each of the five segments of the eatwell food plate every day. These include:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables – a good variety is best 
  • Starchy foods – such as bread, pasta, grains, potatoes, and cereals
  • Dairy – milk, yoghurt, fromage frais and cheese
  • Protein rich foods – such as lean meat, fish, eggs and pulses
  • Fatty and sugary foods and drinks – but not too many; try to save sweets, crisps and cakes for the odd treat

Image source: Department of Health

eatwell plate
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