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Playdough Mates

  • move
  • learn
  • grow
  • Characteristic - Move
  • Characteristics - Learn
  • Characteristics - Grow
10 mins
Playdough and cookie cutters, rolling pin

Now your toddler is a little older, you can help them learn how to express themselves and be creative. Playdough is perfect for moulding and modelling into all sorts of shapes. It’s not too messy, either.

Sit your child at the table and help them to roll out some playdough using a rolling pin. Let them choose a cookie cutter and show them how to press it into the dough. You could teach them how to roll it into a ball and put one ball on top of another to make a snowman, and also how to use the palm of their hand to roll the dough into a snake.

It’s a great way to introduce your child to creative play and help to improve their finger dexterity.

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