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Seasonal Pictures

  • move
  • learn
  • grow
  • Characteristic - Move
  • Characteristics - Learn
  • Characteristics - Grow
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20 mins
Paper, child-friendly glue, sticky tape, pens and crayons etc.

Grabbing handfuls of grass, collecting shells or picking pretty flowers – your toddler will find something that delights them whenever they’re outdoors!

So why not go for an adventure in your local park or explore the back garden to find all sorts of interesting things. You can use what you collect to make beautiful collage pictures together – just stick the bits and pieces to a large sheet of paper. Best of all, each season brings new and exciting things for your toddler, such as daisies and autumn leaves. Just remember to stay clear of things like berries and mushrooms, as some can be poisonous.

With a little imagination a leaf becomes the body of a dinosaur, a handful of pebbles becomes a crumbling castle – even the petals of a flower could be used as a superhero’s cape! It’s up to you, so be imaginative and have fun!

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