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Shop till you drop!

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20 mins
Toy food or household objects, a bag or basket for the shopping
Toddlers love to use their imagination. It’s a great way for them to share what’s on their mind, while practising their chatting skills! So why not play pretend shopping? They’ll love fetching the things you ask for as well as sending you off to find things for them!

You could start the trip with a pretend drive to the shops – it all adds to the excitement. Once you’re there take turns to do the shopping. One of you can be the shop keeper while the other is the customer. Fill up your basket with whatever your toddler asks for, carrots, apples, the TV remote or something made up, then pay at the till.

They’ll love telling you how much different items cost. You never know, they might even have this much fun in a real supermarket!

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