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20 mins
Doesn't matter
Paddling pool, swimming pool or seaside

Is your toddler a water baby? Lots of toddlers love water, but even if your toddler’s not yet convinced, they soon will be after spending playtime in the paddling pool, swimming pool or at the seaside.

Teaching your toddler how much fun water can be from an early age will give them the confidence to swim on their own when they’re older. But for now, it’s simply a great way to strengthen their muscles – not to mention a lot of fun!

Lots of local swimming pools have toddler swimming classes if you’d like to learn with supervision, but if you’re happy to take them on your own, it’s a good idea to pick a quiet time so they’re nice and relaxed. Once your child is confident to swim without your support, why not encourage them to swim by themselves with the aid of armbands or floats. Check with a qualified lifeguard or swim instructor at the swimming pool for advice on child safety and how to hold your toddler in the water.

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