Making sure they get enough

Calcium is found in lots of foods that toddlers love – like yogurt, fromage frais, cheese, milk and leafy green vegetables. To make it fun for your toddler to discover new foods you could try setting out a tray with lots of different yummy, calcium-rich treats for them to try – and let them help themselves.

If your toddler is feeling less adventurous than usual, mealtime games will soon get them interested.

Our favourite tips for upping their calcium count:

  • Mini-cheeses are perfect for little hands and easy to carry around for an on-the-go calcium boost.
  • Tinned sardines are packed with calcium and are great on toast, in pasta or in sandwiches (bread also contains calcium).
  • Milk is great – but make sure it’s full-fat.
  • Add some broccoli into pasta dishes – you only need a little.
  • Little pots or jars of yogurt or fromage frais make a scrummy healthy breakfast or pudding.

With such a lot of growing to do, your toddler needs meals that are calcium-rich and include a wide range of other nutrients too. If you’re looking for a little extra inspiration, we’ve put together lots of delicious toddler recipes for you to try.

For lots more advice and tips about your toddler’s diet, take a look at our helpful feeding articles.
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