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Treasure Basket

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  • learn
  • grow
  • Characteristic - Move
  • Characteristics - Learn
  • Characteristics - Grow
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20 mins
Basket or box; different shapes and textured things

Toddlers are inquisitive little creatures. And when that’s combined with all their amazing development, a whole new world will open up – they’ll start exploring shapes, picking things up and opening everything to see what’s inside.

With this activity you can be as imaginative as you want. Best of all, it costs next to nothing to set up – simply fill a box or basket with lots of toddler-friendly things from around the home. Then it’s up to your little one to explore the basket and see what treasure they can find. Delight them by adding anything like seashells, bouncy balls, crinkly paper, cuddly toys, metal teaspoons, whistles or pebbles.

Anything that will appeal to your toddler’s developing senses is a great idea. And it’s the perfect activity to share with friends too.

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