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4 - 6 months: what your baby's doing

Stronger muscles make way for exciting new skills like pushing up, sitting, reaching and grasping.

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From grabbing at dangling objects, to holding their milk bottle with both hands, at 4 – 6 months your baby will start to discover how to use their hands and fingers. From now on, your baby’s natural grasp reflex will gradually turn into more controlled hand and finger movements. They’ll also explore objects by grasping and shaking them with their hands rather than using the tried and tested ‘sucking’ approach.

If you are using a bottle for feeding, you can use this time to help with your baby’s development too. Let them grasp their bottle with both hands – it’ll give your baby a little more hands-on experience.

Holding a sealed plastic container filled with rice or pasta will help them practice using their hand and finger muscles, and the new exciting noise will surprise and entertain them.

Bath time becomes more fun as your baby learns that when they move their body they can make things happen – like little splashes of water. Remember to keep extra towels handy!

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