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Don’t worry, be excited!

If you’re worrying about being a good dad then you probably will be a good one – because you care. No one knows how to be a dad or mum until they become one. So don’t worry about worrying. Instead, find out as much as you can about what’s likely to happen, share your fears if it helps, and relax. Here are 3 ways to help you prepare for the wonderful, exciting time ahead of you!

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Antenatal classes

Before your baby is born, you and your partner will be invited to attend antenatal classes. They’ll give you an idea of what will happen at the birth, and cover things like holding and bathing your new baby. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and chat to other nervous new dads-to-be!

Read up about it

They say forewarned is forearmed, so arm yourself with plenty of knowledge! We’ve got plenty of information to help you find your feet. Why not start by taking a look at our section on practical info and advice for the first few weeks, where you can read up on everything from how to bathe your baby and how to change a nappy, to understanding your new baby’s cries.

And if you get chatting with other new dads in our Forums, you’ll find real-life experiences and advice too. When you take the mystery out of pregnancy, birth and fatherhood, it suddenly seems much less daunting!

Talk to your partner

You know what they say – a problem shared is a problem halved. Let your partner know how you’re feeling. You might be surprised at how much faith she has in you.

She’ll probably feel relieved that you’ve shared your feelings with her, and may even confide that she has days when she feels a bit unsure too.

If you have friends or family who are dads, ask them how they felt. It can be very reassuring to find out your feelings are completely normal, and that they’ll pass in time. They’ll probably have some good advice for you too.

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