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Learning more and more, every single day

Between 6 and 9 months, your baby’s brain develops faster than at any other time during their life. So if you’ve been noticing some exciting changes going on, that’s why! Their memory has still got a way to go though, which is why repeating things over and over again is such a big part of the way they learn.

Ever feel like you’re being watched? Your baby’s becoming more aware than ever before, helped by the fact that their vision is improving rapidly – and one of their favourite things to look at is you! Giving them plenty of colourful, bright, interesting objects and books to look at gives their eyes and brain lots of practice in seeing and recognising different things. Amazingly, by 8 months, your baby will be able to see as well as an adult.

Your baby is also learning more about what they hear, which is why simple songs are so captivating and soothing to them. As you repeat their favourites throughout the days and weeks, they naturally start to learn about rhyme, rhythm and sounds.

By 7 months, they’re starting to respond to voices more, helped by the development of their emotional brain. They’re picking up all kinds of messages about communication and emotions just by watching you. Waving at any opportunity, pointing at things and naming them, reading books together and making exaggerated expressions with your face are all wonderful ways for them to learn more.

It won’t be long before you hear that first precious “mama” or “dada”. And even before then, you’ll see them start to express themselves with a nod of their head for ‘yes’ and a shake when they want to say ‘no’. A heart-melting hug shouldn’t be far away either – the ultimate ‘I love you!’

The right nutrition for a healthy brain

Good nutrition is vital for your baby's brain development during this exciting and important stage. A key nutrient they need is a type of fat called omega 3, which is one of a group of fats called LCPs. Omega 3 can be found in breastmilk. You can also find it in follow on milks.

You can include extra omega 3s in your baby’s weaning diet by serving oily fish such as sardines and salmon. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our weaning recipes.

Is your baby on the move?

If they’re not already making tracks towards crawling or shuffling, they soon will be! You can read about what to expect as your baby grows bigger and stronger on our page dedicated to physical development. Time to get the stair gate out?

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