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Getting stronger every day

Your baby is growing fast and at 6 months will weigh twice as much as they did at birth! Boys generally grow taller and heavier more quickly, but all babies are different and grow at their own pace. Along with all that growing, they’re learning lots of important new skills too.

By around 4 months, many babies can push themselves up from their tummy into a mini push-up position. As their back, neck and arms get stronger, they’ll be able to hold it for longer, giving them a new improved view of the world. This new-found strength is good preparation for sitting. Before that big step though, they’ll soon surprise everyone, themselves included, with their first roll on to their back. Ta-da!

Not all babies learn to roll at this stage. Some put all their tummy-time efforts into moving their arms and legs in a swimming motion, eventually skipping straight to crawling. The chance of a random roll over is always there though, so it’s best to stay very close while your baby is on the nappy-changing table or anywhere else that they could potentially take a tumble from. The floor is the safest place for them to explore their new found strength!

Finding their finger power

Another big development you’ll soon start to notice is your baby’s enthusiasm for picking things up. They’re also getting the hang of passing objects from one hand to another. It’s all good practice for the bigger, more precise movements like using a spoon and turning the pages of their favourite book. Try giving them different textures and shapes to play with and explore – anything from crinkly paper to wooden blocks to metal teaspoons.

Is there a tooth on the way?

Getting through lots of bibs lately? Drooling is one of the first signs of a new tooth, so that could be the culprit. Some teeth come through quickly, while others can take a lot longer. There’s no telling how teething will affect for your baby, but if you notice them becoming more unsettled, lots of cuddles will help.

For most babies, the first little white bump to poke through will be one of the bottom front teeth. Bye bye gummy grin, hello toothy smile!

A growing appetite?

As your baby starts using more muscles for more energetic movements, they’ll start using lots more energy. It’s around this time that you’ll start seeing signs that they’re ready for weaning – an exciting new adventure for both of you.
As mums ourselves, our team of feeding advisors has plenty of experience and expert knowledge to share. So if you ever have a question about weaning, we’d love to help. Just give us a call.

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