Will it be harder to lose the weight?

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We all know that pregnancy and labour can take its toll on your body. Some mums ping straight back into shape after the first birth, whereas others find it harder. Even mums who were lucky the first time worry that it won’t be so easy next time around.

Your body goes through a lot during your second pregnancy, as with the first. Weight gain, stretch marks and relaxed tummy muscles are the most common complaints. While there’s no rule that says your body won’t recover the second or third time, for lots of mums it’s harder because there’s simply less time to exercise! If you’re not feeding, changing and cuddling your newborn, you’ll no doubt be spending your spare time with your other child. We’ve got some great advice on getting back into shape after the birth and eating for health and energy. But if you’re really short of time, an exercise video or some home gym equipment, like a skipping rope, abdominal ball or light weights, can be used in the comfort of your own front room when the babies have gone to bed.

your body after your second pregnancy

Will my stretch marks be worse?

If you managed to avoid stretch marks the first time, it’s not necessarily true that you’ll avoid them during your second pregnancy. The truth is, whether you’re pregnant with your first, second, third, or fourth child, getting stretch marks depends on your skin type, hormones and the weight you put on. Gradual weight gain is better than sudden large increases but you may have no real control over this. Moisturising daily is thought to help; if not, at the very least, it will keep your skin wonderfully nice and soft.


Keep up the pelvic floor exercises

Every mum vows to do them, but most mums forget! Pelvic floor exercises are more important than ever in your second pregnancy. Not only will they tone your pelvic floor, but they’ll also improve your sex life. Remembering to do them is easier if you work them into a routine; pick something you do every day (like going to the toilet or putting the kettle on) and get into the habit of doing 20 exercises every time.

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