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4 - 6 months: how your baby's growing

Learn why growing out of clothes, drooling and teething are all signs your baby is developing well.

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At 4 – 6 months you’ll notice that your baby’s now gaining more control of their upper body and can probably sit without toppling over. At this stage you’ll also notice the little muscles in their neck, shoulder and chest gradually developing too.

As your baby gets more active you can expect plenty of wriggling and rolling during nappy changes! It’s a good idea to move the changing mat down onto the floor, and never leave them alone for any length of time.

Remember to make plenty of time for play on the floor. Place your baby on their tummy and encourage them to stretch for toys that are slightly out of their reach. This will give them plenty of opportunities to show off their first ‘roll over’ and strengthen their muscles too!
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