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After all the excitement of finding out you’re going to be a dad, it’s only natural to have lots of questions, that’s where we come in. We’ve got lots of ideas for useful ways to support your partner through pregnancy, birth and beyond. And once your baby’s arrived we also have advice on paternity leave, bonding with your new baby and adjusting to life as a new dad.

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Dad holding baby

Practical info and advice

You probably thought 9 months seemed a long time – until you realised all the preparation that needed to be done! From joining antenatal classes and learning how you can help during the birth, to finding out about your rights as a working dad, there are many practical things you’ll need to know or do before your new baby is born.

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Mum and Dad smiles

Practical info and advice for new dads after the birth

Although you’ll probably feel ecstatic at being a new dad, it does bring lots of new challenges. There’s the fun of learning to change nappies, getting used to holding your new baby and translating their difference cries. Once you and your partner get into the swing of things, it does get easier!

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Mum and Dad feeding baby

Emotional wellbeing and relationships

Having a new baby and the prospect of becoming a father can feel like an emotional rollercoaster at times. Learn how to take a deep breath and deal with all the feelings of being a new dad or father-to-be.

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Dad cooing

Dads' health and nutrition

It takes two to make a baby, although by this stage, we’d hope you already knew that! Take a look at how your health can affect conception, and what fathers-to-be should be eating to help you and your partner through pregnancy and those first few weeks and months with a new baby.

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Mum drinking orange

This is a very special time for you and your partner. And while your partner is working hard to grow a healthy baby, there’s plenty you can do to help and share the experience. Knowing about healthy eating during pregnancy means that you can...

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