Feeding problems and allergies

How common are baby feeding problems?

Around 50% of babies experience feeding problems like colic, constipation, reflux or regurgitation during the first year of life. So if your little one’s going through a bumpy patch, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Allergies and intolerances, on the other hand, are much less common, only affecting around 6-8% of infants.

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If you think they may have one of these common feeding problems, ask your healthcare professional for advice to help you manage the symptoms. And we're always here if you need someone to talk to.

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Common feeding problems

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Believe it or not, that little bit of milk that comes back up after a feed isn’t sick. When milk makes its way back up the food pipe, it’s known as reflux. If it comes all the way out of their mouth, it’s regurgitation (also called... Read More

My baby brings up milk after feeding
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Struggling to go to the loo is a fairly common problem for newborn babies. In fact up to 15% of little ones have constipation at some point during their first year. Although it’s very uncomfortable, it isn’t serious, but it does need to... Read more

My baby has problems pooing
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If your baby cries for hours on end and has a gassy tummy after their feeds, they may have colic. Although it's really upsetting to see (and hear!), it's a very common problem that affects 1 in 5 babies, both bottle and breastfed. So you're not... Read more

My baby cries for hours after feeding

Baby allergies and intolerances

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Having a child with allergies can be worrying, but the calmer you are when getting used to a new diet for your baby, the more relaxed your baby will be. If you need a chat about managing your baby’s special diet, just get in touch with our...

Read moreUnderstanding allergies and intolerances
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If your baby is nearly ready for that exciting first spoonful, it’s worth knowing what to look out for in terms of common food allergies and intolerances − just in case. In fact, babies who are allergic to cows’ milk, often show...

Read moreCows' milk allergy
food allergy

Introducing solids is an important time for your baby; you’ll not only learn which foods they do and don’t like, but if you have some family history of allergy you need to keep an eye out for any foods they might be allergic or...

Read moreFood allergies

At 3 weeks old my daughter developed Colic. I used Live Chat thinking I would just be offered solutions that didn't work, but instead received reassurance that I wasn't a bad mother. I felt a weight had been lifted. The service provided was a saviour.

Corinne, new mum

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