What are cookies?

A cookie is a small amount of data, which allows us to personalise your experience on our website. It often includes an anonymous unique identifier, which is sent to your browser (i.e. Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) and stored on your computer’s hard drive.

How do C&G baby club use them?

We use cookies to personalise the content you get from our website. They tell us how and when different people visit the pages in our website. They also help us find your information when you 'sign-in’, so that we can provide you with personalised content.

Will cookies collect my personal details?

Cookie technology does not collect personally identifiable information. But it might be used to identify you as a unique but anonymous visitor. The use of cookies is an industry standard, and many major web sites use them to give their customers handy features and a more personal experience. Each web site can send its own cookie to your browser, if your preferences allow it. But, to protect your privacy, your browser only allows a web site to access the cookies it has already sent to you, not the cookies sent to you by others.

Can I say no to them?

You can refuse to accept some or all cookies by simply activating the settings on your browser which allows you to do this. But you might not be able to access certain parts of our site if you choose this setting.

Our cookie list

This list can help you recognise the cookies sent to your browser when you visit cgbabyclub.co.uk There's also a short description of what they're for and how long they'll stay on your computer's hard drive.

This list is current as of 28th October 2014. We've tried to cover all the cookies which we, or our technology partners, use. But please bear in mind there might be a short delay in updating this list. If you do notice a discrepancy, or think a cookie is missing, please let us know by contacting us here.

These are cookies you might come across on cgbabyclub.co.uk

Cookie Name





This allows our administrators to do certain things, such as change content. Although this cookie can show us which pages you visit and how you use our site, we don't use it for this purpose. What's more, it can't track you when you leave or return, and doesn't contain anything that can identify you personally.



To help us make our website better for you, we use Google’s Analytic tools. This sets five cookies which collect useful information, like how many people visit our site, which pages they like most, how long they stay, and where on the web they come here from. If you don’t want to be part of these stats, you can opt -out of Google Analytics cookies [1]. Or simply delete your cookies at the end of each session, as described below.
This cookie is set to lets us know you have chosen to set your cookie limits.

2 years


1 hour



__utmz 6 months
CMSCookiePreference This cookie is set to let us know you have chosen to set your cookie limits. 3 months
lcFPCtest These cookies are set by our LiveChat service session
53576482-VID 1 year
53576482-SKEY session
optimizelySements These cookies allow us to test different web pages to improve your experience on our site. 10 years
optimizelyEndUserId 10 years
optimizelyBuckets 10 years
optimizelyPendingLogEvents < 1 hour
anon-user-guid This cookie keeps track of your ‘hearting’. 4 years
__atuvc Addthis sets these cookies (see below). 2 years
__atuvs   < 1 hour
test_cookie The “test” cookie is used only to verify if your browser is accepting cookies. Doubleclick < 1 hour
id This cookie is set by DoubleClick or sometimes YouTube. It allows us to understand how you use our site. You may remove it individually, or by blocking all YouTube cookies [2, 3]. 2 years
id MIG publish no information on these cookies. You may opt-out on their privacy policy page [4] Media Innovation Group
13 months
mdata 13 months
OAX 13 months
NID Google sets this cookie "to help personalize ads" [5]. You may remove it as described below. Goggle 6 months
PREF 2 years
xtc AddThis don’t tell us what each of their cookies are for, but you can read their privacy policy here [6] and,if you wish, opt-out of their cookies here [7]. Add This 2 years
uid 2 years
uvc 2 years
uit 1 day
di2 2 years
bt2 9 months
dt 1 month
loc 2 years
bt 2 years
um 2 years
uid Turn.com say they use this cookie for marketing adverts. You can read their privacy policy here [8] and opt-out here [9] if you so wish. Turn 6 months
sess This cookie is used to test whether your browser is configured to accept cookies from AppNexus. Appnexus 1 day
uuid2 These cookies enable the Platform to distinguish browsers and devices.Appnexus’ privacy policy and opt-out are here [10, 11] 3 months
anj 3 months
pid Twitter do not give detailed information on the content or use of their cookies. You may read their privacy statement covering cookies here [12] Twitter 18 months
2 years
cckz Dstillery don’t give details of their cookies, but do provide an opt-out on their privacy page [13]. media6degrees/ Dstillery 6 months
clid 6 months
ipinfo 6 months
acs 6 months
uuid MediaMath don’t define what each cookie here is used for but they do provide an opt-out [14]. MathTag / MediaMath 1 year
mt_misc 1 month
HRL8 1 month
uuidc 1 month
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE YouTube don’t publish the details of their cookies or how they use them. If you don’t want YouTube to know who you are, you can block them individually [2, 3] or completely, as described below. YouTube 8 months
YSC session
PREF 2 years
GEUP 2 years
LivePersonID LivePerson define each of these cookies here [15] and their use of your data here [16]. LivePerson session
HumanClickKEY session
HumanClickSiteContainerID_53576482 session
HumanClickCHATKEY session
Affectv don’t detail their cookies’ uses, but do give an opt-out on their privacy page [17].
go.affec.tv 3 years
oo 3 years
pt 3 years
01AI This cookie is set by the abmr.net domain to enable streaming data such as videos. You may remove or block it as described below. abmr / Akamai Technologies 1 year
tinyUUID TinyURL sets their cookie “for record-keeping purposes”. They link to an opt-out scheme in their privacy policy [18]. TinyURL 1 year
tidal_ttid Videology don’t define their individual cookies, but do supply an opt-out link in their privacy policy [19]. TidalTV / Videology Inc. 2 years
ACID AOLN don’t define their cookies or use thereof. View their privacy policy and opt-out here [20]. advertising.com / AOL Networks 2 years
ASCID session
C2 2 years
quisma_t_uk Quisma doesn’t give any information on its cookies or their use beyond targeted advertising. You can read their cookie policy here [21] and opt-out here [22]. Qservz / Quisma 1 year
session_session session
quisma_t_user 1 year
tuuid 1 year
sh 1 year
uuidm 1 year
user_data_synced 1 year
rpb Rubicon Rubicon Project 1 month
put_2843 1 month
rpx 1 month
c session
put_2596 1 month
khaos 6 months
u Netmining publish no information on this cookie. You may view their privacy policy here [24]. Net Mining 2 years
f RfiHub don’t define any detailed use of their cookies, but do supply an opt-out [25]. Rocket Fuel (rfihub.com) 18 months
e 18 months
hl 18 months
rud 18 months
eud 18 months
ruds session
euds session
KRTBCOOKIE_18 PunMatic don’t define any detailed use of their cookies, but do supply an opt-out [26]. pubmatic.com 3 months
demdex Demdex describes some of the uses they put your cookie information to here [27] and gives you a link to opt-out for their cookies. demdex.net 2 years
dpm 2 years
lr_uid LiveRail doesn’t describe these cookies in detail but they do have a privacy page and opt-out here [28]. liverail.com 2 years
lr_uids 2 years
X1ID [x+1] doesn’t describe these cookies in detail but they do have a privacy page and opt-out here [29]. [x+1]Round Up 4 Network(ru4.com) 18 months
TMP_X1ID session
tuuid IPONWEB don’t define any detailed use of their cookies, but do supply an opt-out [30]. IPONWEB (bidswitch.com) 2 years
bkc BlueKai give you an opt-out of their cookies here [31]. bluekai.com 6 months
bkdc 6 months
bklc 6 months
bku 6 months
TDID theTradeDesk describe their policy and provide an opt-out mechanism here [32]. theTradeDesk (adsvr.org) 1 year
TDCPM 1 year
_tmid TubeMogul describe their privacy policy and enable opt-outs [33]. tubemogul.com 1 years
B Yahoo gives extensive information about its cookie policies and opt-outs here [34]. yahoo.com 23 years
ibbid iBILLBOARD don’t give you an opt-out but do tell you how to set your browser to block their cookies in this privacy policy [35]. ibillboard.com 16 years
vdnaWidgetMC VisualDNA provide an opt-out mechanism and a description of their cookies on this page [36]. visualdna.com 3 months
vdnaR 3 months
DotomiUser DoToMi describe their cookies here [37]; a link to block their cookies is here [38]. dotomi.com 2 years
CMID Casale Media provide a copy of their cookie policy and a link to an opt-out [39]. MediaNet (casalemedia.com) 1 year
CMPS 6 months
CMRUM2 1 year
CMST 2 days
CMSC session
CMDD 2 days
tuuid admedo provide an opt-out link that the foot of their privacy page [40]. admedo.com 2 years
adaptv_unique_user_cookie Adap.TV allow you to opt-out of their cookies by following this link [42]. adap.tv 2 years
aam_uuid This setting will/will not: “allow you to receive personalised adverting relating to Cow and Gate based on your use of our site. (Please note that this will not affect the preferences you have expressed on there websites nor will it affect other sites use of interest based advertising). www.cgbabyclub.co.uk 30 days
lbda_timestamp 30 minutes
cookie_optout This allows our website to know whether you have given us your consent to place functional cookies or tracking cookies on your device. This cookie is necessary for us to respect your cookie preferences. never
register-popup This cookie just lets us know you've seen a pop-up on the homepage. 7 days

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How to unset or clear cookies

Cookies are just small files of data that websites can send to your computer (via your browser) for all sorts of legitimate reasons. By law, you now have the choice and responsibility to decide which sites can and can't use which cookies. To help you manage them efficiently, all browsers give you tools to control your cookies. So you can keep them (permanently or for certain amount of time) or completely delete them.

At C&G baby club we recommend the All About Cookies website. It's published by an independent body and is a good source of information about cookies and how to organise yours.

The following pages could be particularly handy:

Controlling your cookies: http://www.aboutcookies.org/Default.aspx?page=1

Deleting your cookies: http://www.aboutcookies.org/Default.aspx?page=1

There are lots of other websites you could take a look at for more information too. If you have any other questions. please get in touch with us here.

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