Your toddler

Making the most of the wonderful toddler years!

The next two years are going to be an amazing time, as your toddler grows an average of 1cm every month, and puts on around 40% in weight! As they start to get up on their feet, a whole new world opens up for them to explore, and you’ll love watching them develop and shape their own distinctive personality. This stage will of course bring its own questions, so do give us a call if you have anything you want to chat through. You can also find lots of information in this section on the importance of a balanced diet for toddlers, so you can make sure your little one is getting the unique mix of nutrients such as vitamins and iron that they need to thrive

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toddler with balloon

Your toddler's development

Walking, talking, understanding, exploring, eating…find out how your toddler is developing both mentally and physically, whether it’s their speech, co-ordination or their changing nutritional needs.

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toddlers eating

Toddler feeding and nutrition

Even though your toddler might seem like a mini-adult their nutritional needs are still different to yours. Find out about the diet they need to keep up with all the growing and exploring they have to do!

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Your toddler's health

They may be getting bigger and bouncier by the minute, but looking after your toddler’s health is still as important to keep them developing healthily and happily. Read about why a healthy sleeping and feeding routine is important.

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