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Welcome to parenthood!

You’ve just become a new mum, and it’s totally normal to have lots of questions. Any mum will tell you parenting takes practise – it’s all part of the joy and excitement of getting to know your baby and watching them develop. When you’re caring for your new baby, it’s easy to put yourself last! But your health is really important, so this section also sets out to help you feel your very best – with articles on eating for health and energy, advice on getting back into shape and tips for creating some ‘me-time’!

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mum lying with baby

Practical information and advice for the first few weeks

Every baby is different, which means there’s no such thing as a baby-manual! But there are lots of tips and advice about the practical side to looking after your baby – from nappy changing to identifying cries and some common feeding problems to look out for.

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Emotional wellbeing and relationships

Becoming a family is a huge change, and it can take a while to adjust to life with a new baby. Find out how to give yourself the time and space to enjoy the adventure as you begin this exciting new chapter in your life.

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Your health and nutrition

Keeping healthy and well-nourished will mean you have the energy to look after your newborn baby and be able to provide them with all of the goodness they need when breastfeeding.

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Your growing family

With a new baby due, your whole family will have lots of changes to look forward to. Find out how to help everyone prepare for the new set-up – including yourself!

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baby on ventilator

Nobody expects to give birth prematurely, so knowing what's going on can be reassuring. This article gives support and advice to help you understand what's happening. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to ask a neonatal nurse or contact...

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