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Moments shared

  • MichelleReuben shared her baby's first spoonful!

    1 month ago

    My beautiful baby boy is loving try new flavours and wearing it.
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  • Shabneez shared her baby's first spoonful!

    2 months ago

    Hi my baby is now 6 months.wanted to meet moms and make friends
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  • Kerry0386 shared her baby's first spoonful!

    5 months ago

    Lyle seemed to enjoy his 1st spoonful of homemade tomato soup. 6months old :) smile says it all <3
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  • Leelaprobert98 shared her baby's first spoonful!

    5 months ago

    My son, aged 5 months + 1 Loved his first pouch of apple and banana from C&G Don’t think this little pickle could’ve been happier!!
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  • Tiegan Marie shared her baby's first spoonful!

    5 months ago

    He loves your blueberry flavoured pots, smiles and laughs while having them, comes out messy but loves it we let him have a clean spoon him self so he can explore what it’s like holding spoons and forks. etc.
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  • Carriebianchi told everyone her baby's mealtime habits!

    6 months ago

    Evalyn loves her food and eats loads already. Not fussy in the slightest!
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  • Carriebianchi told us her baby's favourite food!

    6 months ago

    Tried her with some apricot tinned and her face was a picture! She went from smiling, to frowning, to cringing and back to smiling 🤣
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  • Carriebianchi shared her baby's first spoonful!

    6 months ago

    She just loves her food! Just like her daddy 💜
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  • Magdalena90 told us her baby's favourite food!

    7 months ago

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  • Thee.Gaffer shared her baby's first spoonful!

    8 months ago

    This was a few weeks ago now she has a small bit of tooth through at the moment just today 9/9/17 but regarding the photo it was blueberry compote by yoùrselves........ she loves it and looks like she's squashed a Smurf and ate ìt lol. Xxxxxxxxxxxx
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