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Moments shared

  • Ethomp says her baby's on the move!

    1 month ago

    Ethan started commando crawling 10 days ago and loves chasing Roxy the hamster in her ball!!
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  • Jessica And Louise says her baby's on the move!

    2 months ago

    She has only been in the cot, less than a week and already standing up in it.
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  • Hailey Dunlop says her baby's on the move!

    8 months ago

    Today my daughter rolled from her tummy to her back 💖
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  • Merna24 says her baby's on the move!

    9 months ago

    My baby took her first walking step few weeks ago at 9 months it was emotional both me and dad saw it. She is now taking extra steps everyday and ballance her self will she turn her self round it's a joy to watch all these milestone..
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  • Adalva93 told us what she's looking forward to now her baby's on the move!

    10 months ago

    My boy can sit down by himself and he roll over I hope soon he started to crawl 😀😀😀😀😀
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  • Aisha Phiri says her baby's on the move!

    1 year ago

    My little girl was army crawling for 2 weeks, now she is proper crawling on all fours and she is everywhere. She is so excited about being mobile, but not as excited as me 😊
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  • Kerrymorris89 told us what she's looking forward to now her baby's on the move!

    1 year ago

    looking forward to every milestone .. its so exciting one minute she was rolling around now shes crawling and sitting herself up and shes deperate to be up on her feet excited to see her running around
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  • Kerrymorris89 told everyone how she gets her baby moving!

    1 year ago

    vtech crawl ball brilliant really frustrated her but she was that determined few weeks and she went from rolling about at 6 months to crawling
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  • Dewdrops30 says her baby's on the move!

    1 year ago

    My baby girl loves rolling away from me when changing her nappy
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  • Chloe-12 says her baby's on the move!

    1 year ago

    Hi, Everyone this is my little boy Rico he's only 6months old and being naughty as he can't already!😂
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