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  • Lil_pap7

    10 hours ago

    Hi im a young mum - 15 weeks pregnant. Any support is welcome c
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  • luciexoxox told us what she's craving!

    21 days ago

    I’ve been craving every food possible

    I'm pregnant

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  • FernyFenner has gone public with her big news!

    28 days ago

    I'm pregnant with our 1st baby after 3 years of trying. Very very excited to be able to finally share with friends and family and get talking about it. I've had awful all day nausea that's taken a lot of my energy but I've not been sick at all so fought through it. Had our 1st scan last week and baby is very active so already feeling we may have a wriggler on our hands when s/he gets here in October.

    Going public

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  • Beccaboop1990 told us how she's feeling about being pregnant!

    1 month ago

    Just found out I was pregnant two weeks ago and booked my first midwife appointment. Eeeek! Excited but scared as well. I’ve been having morning/all day sickness and it’s wiping me out. Anyone got any ideas how to stop this feeling and how to start to feel more human?

    I'm pregnant

    • NinnyQuinn89

      Morning sickness is best overcome by something as small as a ginger biscuit in the morning as ginger prevents sickness most of the time. I've felt nauseous for one day so far anfrom that helped of get vitamin d in you like a bowl of dry cereal should help and plenty of fluids in your system.

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  • Helen Kitchen

    1 month ago

    I started to think it was never going to happen for me then suddenly, I'm pregnant! my booking appointment is arranged for the 13th March when I'll be 10 weeks and 2 days. I do have concerns - around cramping and night sweats mainly - but I don't know who to contact for advice before my booking appointment - help! From a very emotional first time Mum!
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  • Wooton88 told us how she's feeling about being pregnant!

    1 month ago

    Its my 3rd pregnancey as i alredy have two girls but with this one i feel washed out and ill..i havnt been giving a midwife yet they havnt even contacted is that rite im 7weeks tomorrow and last time i was pregnant was 4 yr ago so new to it all again xx

    I'm pregnant

    • Boakes29

      My midwife contacted me when I was 8 weeks pregnant and I've just seen her this week as apparently they need to see you before 10weeks pregnant x

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  • JayAmy2018 told us what she's craving!

    1 month ago

    Onion rings!

    I'm pregnant

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  • Previous Member told us how she's feeling about being pregnant!

    2 months ago

    After trying again for 2 and a half years we finally got onto clomid treatment. Never thought it'd work first time! Absolutely thrilled! Can't wait until it's time to tell our son he's going to be a big brother 😍

    I'm pregnant

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  • LittleRibbons told us how she's feeling about being pregnant!

    2 months ago

    I did about 5 different branded tests and it appears i am indeed pregnant.. after so long of TTC i hope it all works out.. Next stop doctors..

    I'm pregnant

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