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  • Niggiismail has had her 20-week scan!

    11 days ago

    Hi, I’m Nicki. Due with our first baby on the 27th September. I’m currently at 16 weeks and undecided whether or not to find out if it’s a boy or a girl or to wait for a surprise at the 20 weeks scan. Interested to know (Just for fun) what others did/will do. Been a hard pregnancy with nausea and aches and pains so far but can’t wait to start feeling Baby kicks soon!

    20 week scan

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  • Saralou247

    14 days ago

    Hi :) I’m sara. I have a 6 year old and 10.5 month old, both little girls. I am due our final bundle on 7th September. A baby boy! Xx
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  • Hannahc28

    21 days ago

    Due on the 11th Sept with our first baby! Had a rough first trimester as my grandad was in hospital then sadly passed away so only started telling people when we were nearly 16 weeks! Really excited now though & the news managed to help everyone's broken hearts just a little 💖
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  • Nicolamariejones2

    26 days ago

    Hi im nicola i have a 10 and a half month old and now pregnant with my second didnt really want to tell anyone to start with cause didnt want to be judged as my son is so young but i am loving every minuet of being pregnant and due the 5th september
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  • Winnie95 has gone public with her big news!

    27 days ago

    I told my mom as soon as I found out but only last week announced it to everybody else and this week was my first scheduled scan, Bubbles (baby's nickname) greeted us by giving us a wave! She/He is going to be trouble though, such an awkward baby it took forever to get a decent picture

    Going public

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  • Koko123

    1 month ago

    firsr baby 10 weeks and feel so weak
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  • Scarlet88 has gone public with her big news!

    2 months ago

    Shared the news with close familly at 8 weeks - with everyone else at 10 weeks. I think my parents were going to explode if we didn't.

    Going public

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  • Scarlet88 told us how she's feeling about being pregnant!

    2 months ago

    After trying for 2 years we are finally pregnant!

    I'm pregnant

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  • Scarlet88

    2 months ago

    Due on the 7th September! So excited.
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  • Ellamcd

    2 months ago

    I found out I was pregnant on Tuesday! I’m 9 weeks today with my first baby :)
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