Baby development and behaviour

Baby development and behaviour

Baby development and behaviour

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More wet nappies then dirty nappies? is this normal?

Elinor 11 years ago
Posts: 3 | Joined: 5th Jul 06
Hi, i have a new baby daughter who will be a month old on saturday. She was born 2 weeks late and her weight was 8IBS 10ozs she didnt loose much in her check up the next week which suprised the midwife because apparently all new borns loose half their birth weight in first week then put it back on. She was weighed out at 8IBS 7ozs, the following week she was weighed again and she went up in weight.The week after however she starte dlossing weight the midwife said because of this she was holding onto her remaining weight like a reserve in emergency, all she seems to do now is wet nappies, im breastfeeding her and i am satrting to think its me thats the problem but why isnt she doing any dirty nappies and all wet ones. Can anyone help or has anyone been through the same thing, im a young mum with my first baby and i am starting to get down about it
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