Baby development and behaviour

Baby development and behaviour

Baby development and behaviour

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Settling down for sleep - 4 month old baby

TD1 11 years ago
Posts: 19 | Joined: 22nd Jan 06
Does anyone out there have some advice for me on settling my 4 month old daughter for bed at night?
Every night, when I put her into her cot, she screams until she goes purple in the face. She stops crying the minute I lift her. The funny thing is, that during the day when she's put down for a nap in her pram, there are no problems and falls asleep on her own and quickly.
I have implemented a bed-time routine, feed, bath, cuddle and story, final feed and winding. She has a comfort blanket which she gets for naps and bedtime and a toy that stays in the cot and is only for when she's in bed. I have tried leaving the light on (in case she doesn't like the dark) and turning it off. I've also tried leaving her for a few minutes in case she settles herself but she only gets more upset. I've also tried putting her into her pram at night, but she still cries. Her dad trys to settle her in case she smells my milk and wants me to lift her, but he can't settle her either. In the end, she either falls asleep at the breast, or worse yet, and it breaks my heart, she cries herself to sleep in my arms and I hate myself for this.

She wakens in the morning at 8am regardless of the time she went to sleep at and only sleeps for 3-4 hours during the day. Bedtime routine starts at 8pm and cot (and tears) by 9pm.

I feel that I've tried all the usual suggestions and they are getting us nowhere. I dread nighttimes now and more often than not, I'm crying as much as my baby is. I'm trying to stay relaxed and calm so that she doesn't pick up on the tension.

Does anyone out there have some suggestions to make our bedtime routine relaxed and fun?

thank you
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